Auto Insurance Discounts

While “Cheap Auto Insurance” is a thing of the past, a few minutes reviewing the car insurance discounts at your disposal can save you hundreds of dollars. Since no insurance company offers every discount, an independent agent who represents multiple companies is best equipped to find your best match. Here is a list of the most common auto insurance discounts available.

Prior Insurance Discount – If you’ve had continuous auto insurance for the past 6 months, you’ll get a better rate from the next company. It also helps if you had higher limits with the prior policy.

Advanced Quote Discount – Shop early – more than 10 days prior when you need the coverage.

Payment Method Discount – Set up some form of automated payment – such as an auto debit from a checking account or credit card.

Paid In Full Discount – Pay the entire premium instead of paying installments.

Association Discount – If you are 50 or more, joining AARP can save you 14%. Being a member of a Motor Club can save up to 5%.

Bundling Discount – buying multiple types of insurance from the same provider can save up to 25%.

Home Ownership Discount – maybe you need to insure your home with a different carrier, but you can still get a discount because you own your home.

Driver Training Discount – for you drivers (under age 22) and mature drivers (age 55 & up), a few hours in the class room can pay off.

Equipment Discount – safety (air bags) and security (antitheft) devices

Good Credit – Many companies interpret a good credit score to mean you will be a more responsible driver

Good Student Discount – Just as with credit – many companies believe a high achievement student will be a more responsible driver.

Distant Student Discount – applies for parent’s policy if their child attends a college over 100 miles from home.

Good Driver Discount or Claim Free Discount – rewards claim free driving.

Hybrid Car Discount – Save on insurance and at the pump

Multi-car Discount – why not have all your cars on one policy and save?

Accident Forgiveness – a future discount – may help your rate from going up just because of an accident.